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Picasso Bunyan

A poet friend goes to the piney north woods only after stopping by the local hardware store where he picks up paint-chip cards. Holding them up to whatever thing of nature he is writing about,he then aspires to be Crayola … Continue reading

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Old pros(e)

(for Ron H.) A friend of mine – fellow poet – likes Bukowski while I much prefer Frost he disdains Ferlinghetti can’t understand why I don’t says Dickinson has no beat we share a fondness for Ginsburg’s rants, Stein and … Continue reading

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Dawning for a poet

Scratchy, scraping, raw pencil on paper causes her to stir she turns sleepily my way half smiles, half sneers rolls back the other way she thinks I am writing a paean to some ancient love or other stray reminisce, hopes … Continue reading

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