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Not in the least

Claims made by fishermen politicians guys on a prom date can be taken at their word if the words are unspoken first-hand supported by three corroborating witnesses backed up by video duly notarized void where prohibited or English is spoken … Continue reading

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Adieu redux

Final good-byes rarely are I have buried many a soul precious to me solemnly, sorrowfully humorously some with great relief many a complete surprise I have uttered public words of farewell, regret, remembrance tossed flowers, clods of earth, remorse and … Continue reading

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Calendar, clock, seasons youth, maturation, death functional, pre-meditated change for the sake of change Desire, plans, politics she loves me not, she loves me? Change on the fly, on a whim, on a wing-and-a-prayer. On the lam. Change happens to … Continue reading

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