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Playing on

Faded are July’s warmth, summer’s cheers. Supplanted now by the encroaching hints of cooler days, forgotten expectations, procrastinated chores shelved, he can only now muse without dwelling on what won’t be. Could-have-beens and maybes aren’t statistically meaningful; they never really … Continue reading

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Meditative bombast

What I have inflicted on life and its responsorials and reprisals on me have proven that regrets teach – if you do the homework things, events once inexplicable are simply lessons learned in an evolving matriculation; tuition deferred, knowledge incurred, … Continue reading

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He was a shaman always clad in sacramental wool plaid shirt, dirty cap there are no mountaintops in Minnesota’s northwoods Enlightenment here comes from atop decaying tree stump aside rustic leaf and pine needle carpeted trails cutting through towering pines, … Continue reading

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