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What are the Oz?

Historically considering myself the Scarecrow middle-age, circumstance, time have me contemplating fates identifying a more Tin Man persona seeking oil for locked up joints moving clunkily, at times joyously graceful, others grudgingly accepting assistance from my companions – friends who … Continue reading

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Gnosis laid bare

The tone of your discourse public, private, anonymous shrill, accusatory non-sequiturs blending reality, perception, personality seamless, misguided pastiche grounded in your justified fear of being wrong fear of not being right fear of differences fear of those similar, but who … Continue reading

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Never having been as naive as I should have been exonerated for crimes against logic bus ticket, new suit outside-the-box thinking box house, never home recycled, repurposed repent sinners! repressed no longer naiveté begat experience I can elocute to it … Continue reading

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Don Yoda

Quixotic exploits in multiple life-genres satisfied, I am lacking though, in satisfactory resolutions ambiguity suits me beguiling, am I, in my befuddlement of others confounding doubters mirror voyeurism minus Dorian Gray ego, Carly Simon panache sing anyway, I cannot dapper … Continue reading

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Pavement due

Rusted, mangled hubcaps clutter road shoulder, ditches stray, chrome castoffs wildflowers of reckless neglect breakneck speed cratered highways, pilots disdain for flashing, yellow signs by the spadeful, I scoop well-intentioned, tar-coated fill into random potholes indifferent, life is, to the … Continue reading

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Wood-post modernist

thrills are to be had secrets need revealing wonders beg unraveling truths urge to be told revelations dark and light constrained in the pristine symmetry of new, freshly sharpened shiny-yellow pencil just above the perfectly honed greyish tip peach-fuzz wisps … Continue reading

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Regret and I have a tenuous relationship flirtations ebb, wane pop up again precariously at odd moments, clumsily the standoffish one in this tepid relationship is me running hot-and-cold I can be a frustrating companion lackluster lover there is no … Continue reading

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Call me, Ishmael. Leave a message.

We all have within us some Captain Ahab obsessively pursuing something, someone unattainable physically or mentally we quest something lost never obtained hadn’t the courage or stomach for a diem you could never carpe uselessly we quest a time we … Continue reading

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Lamenting angst

If one can grieve what never was if unfulfilled wistfulness is worthy of sorrow If could’ve should’ve maybe regretfulness can be mourned I will go to the wake pay my respects sing praises lifting an anthem of toasts to the … Continue reading

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Resolute residues

Sometimes I ponder my legacy picturesque footprints in beach sand casually, photogenically left behind, impulsively signed with flotsam stick left to the whim of waves, rising tides? Existence as an Etch-A-Sketch frozen in time via cataclysmic event fossilization rendering me … Continue reading

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