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What are the Oz?

Historically considering myself the Scarecrow middle-age, circumstance, time have me contemplating fates identifying a more Tin Man persona seeking oil for locked up joints moving clunkily, at times joyously graceful, others grudgingly accepting assistance from my companions – friends who … Continue reading

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Pseudo 23

Modern-day Psalmists plying their trade via pithy sayings basic fonts, splashy backdrops portmanteaus of varying interpretation revelations shifting dunes rounded by prevailing winds as arid, accepted gospel lacking lyricism posted for the world by self-anointed prophets claiming persecution, occasionally lapsing … Continue reading

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Mercy, me

‘There but for the grace of God…’ deity quantification is risky pragmatism ‘There but for…’ God’s grace, graceful mine, clunkily cacophonous in raw implementation two-left feet, I always want to lead God is gracefully mindful of my gaucherie bemused by … Continue reading

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“…and there’s nothin’ short of dyin’ that’s half as lonesome as the sound of a sleepin’ city sidewalk and Sunday mornin’, comin’ down…” – Kris Kristoffferson There is no respite from the escape the night before, sketchy adrenaline rush of … Continue reading

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High church

Awed by the spectacle blissfully confused to meaning wide-eyed youth confirmed in mystical faith spiritual pageantry standing for opening homily, crowd vibrant, then bowed reverence, singing along opening hymn of allegiance some know the words Opening day, paradoxically given all the answers yet you need to discover … Continue reading

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Don Yoda

Quixotic exploits in multiple life-genres satisfied, I am lacking though, in satisfactory resolutions ambiguity suits me beguiling, am I, in my befuddlement of others confounding doubters mirror voyeurism minus Dorian Gray ego, Carly Simon panache sing anyway, I cannot dapper … Continue reading

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Pavement due

Rusted, mangled hubcaps clutter road shoulder, ditches stray, chrome castoffs wildflowers of reckless neglect breakneck speed cratered highways, pilots disdain for flashing, yellow signs by the spadeful, I scoop well-intentioned, tar-coated fill into random potholes indifferent, life is, to the … Continue reading

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A poet does math

I counted stars once not for any practical reason not for romance they patiently waited for me to finish, as if they cared I was sitting by a campfire spitting its cinders as sputtering death throes they fluttered skyward before … Continue reading

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The Letter

Dear Grandchildren: There is irony in that the last thing you will ever forget will be one of your firsts crush love kiss sex broken heart first to never be forgotten first to stick with you first to make you … Continue reading

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another turning point crossroads of cliché and same ole what to do which way to turn got here without GPS will navigate as always, following stars gut instinct not infallible co-pilot riding shotgun, no desire to shoot let alone take … Continue reading

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