most monochromatically not

I’ve never seen the world
in quaint, stark black and white
even as a child, vivid shades
of gray were crystal clear

I have always seen life for what
it really is; unnamed, unruly tints
and hues both opaque and austere

seeing life as purely black-and-white
takes a special color blindness that
I did not inherit via nature or nurture

in the life-box of sixty-four Crayolas
the cylinder labeled ‘Ambiguous’ is
neither a shade of black nor hue of white
and gray is simply the most realistic arc
on color spectrum, the crayon always
in pieces in the box, broken from overuse,
flattened on one side from all the shading

Dunking debunking

Consider the common donut

if you purchase one
it comes with a hole

you can purchase
just the hole, but it
is not a hole at all

it is a ball; a doughy sphere
made from a disc that once was
where the hole is now, yet it was
never truly a hole in its own right

Buy the donut,
you get the hole
buy the hole
you get no donut;

just a glazed orb bearing little
resemblance to the hole it is
supposed to represent

donut sold separately

Life is like a donut:
some days you’re the donut,
some days you’re the hole



Thanking God for prayers unanswered
should be a regular pilgrimage

daily thanks sent heavenward as well for
pleadings ignored, deals never made,
proposals not acknowledged, pleas not
granted, abstract make-a-wishful thinking,
and rejection from past potential dates

second guessing goes against my better
adult judgment, yet fits my quirky analytical
ways so thankfulness is sometimes a struggle

I guess thanks for discernment are in order