A philosophy. Of sorts.

I never do stand holding
umbrellas in lightning storms
or crowded elevators
though it may come as a shock

and I remain leery of men
who pair paisley neckties
with argyle socks

I never found it worth dating
a girl based on the reflection of
her patent leather shoes

and I am always wary of
gum-chewing Avon ladies sporting
fresh Harley Davidson tattoos.

Worth pondering in any key

Life is an accordion

the harder you squeeze,
the more discordant
the music


Thanking God for prayers unanswered
should be a regular pilgrimage

daily thanks sent heavenward as well for
pleadings ignored, deals never made,
proposals not acknowledged, pleas not
granted, abstract make-a-wishful thinking,
and rejection from past potential dates

second guessing goes against my better
adult judgment, yet fits my quirky analytical
ways so thankfulness is sometimes a struggle

I guess thanks for discernment are in order