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What are the Oz?

Historically considering myself the Scarecrow middle-age, circumstance, time have me contemplating fates identifying a more Tin Man persona seeking oil for locked up joints moving clunkily, at times joyously graceful, others grudgingly accepting assistance from my companions – friends who … Continue reading

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Missing out

Living now in a place where, in autumn most leaves stay put clinging to their branches without pretense never having the decency to abandon their vibrant green for appropriate, earthy hues A few adhere to my more familiar, season-bound tradition, … Continue reading

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Mercy, me

‘There but for the grace of God…’ deity quantification is risky pragmatism ‘There but for…’ God’s grace, graceful mine, clunkily cacophonous in raw implementation two-left feet, I always want to lead God is gracefully mindful of my gaucherie bemused by … Continue reading

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“…and there’s nothin’ short of dyin’ that’s half as lonesome as the sound of a sleepin’ city sidewalk and Sunday mornin’, comin’ down…” – Kris Kristoffferson There is no respite from the escape the night before, sketchy adrenaline rush of … Continue reading

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I once asked God for a sign needing more than spiritual Burma-Shave cardboard placards stapled to raw, rough pine sticks Ah, but I am not advertising my tag-board always blankly devoid of political hate hackneyed slogans five-ninety-nine pizza specials! buy your … Continue reading

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Never having been as naive as I should have been exonerated for crimes against logic bus ticket, new suit outside-the-box thinking box house, never home recycled, repurposed repent sinners! repressed no longer naiveté begat experience I can elocute to it … Continue reading

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One metmorphisize fits all

Happily-ever-after mythology prefaces every sequel continuing character-driven sagas story arc only tacking an index onto volume one, three, sixteen in a set having read this scene repeatedly life movies annotated script writing, rewriting books they were based on playing déjà … Continue reading

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Don Yoda

Quixotic exploits in multiple life-genres satisfied, I am lacking though, in satisfactory resolutions ambiguity suits me beguiling, am I, in my befuddlement of others confounding doubters mirror voyeurism minus Dorian Gray ego, Carly Simon panache sing anyway, I cannot dapper … Continue reading

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Pavement due

Rusted, mangled hubcaps clutter road shoulder, ditches stray, chrome castoffs wildflowers of reckless neglect breakneck speed cratered highways, pilots disdain for flashing, yellow signs by the spadeful, I scoop well-intentioned, tar-coated fill into random potholes indifferent, life is, to the … Continue reading

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A poet does math

I counted stars once not for any practical reason not for romance they patiently waited for me to finish, as if they cared I was sitting by a campfire spitting its cinders as sputtering death throes they fluttered skyward before … Continue reading

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