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Gnosis laid bare

The tone of your discourse public, private, anonymous shrill, accusatory non-sequiturs blending reality, perception, personality seamless, misguided pastiche grounded in your justified fear of being wrong fear of not being right fear of differences fear of those similar, but who … Continue reading

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Wood-post modernist

thrills are to be had secrets need revealing wonders beg unraveling truths urge to be told revelations dark and light constrained in the pristine symmetry of new, freshly sharpened shiny-yellow pencil just above the perfectly honed greyish tip peach-fuzz wisps … Continue reading

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Prodigal poet

I’ve come back to visit been quite some time which is no specific, I know where I have been what has transpired in my absence is not all that important neither is the ‘why?’ I have returned here, to this … Continue reading

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