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Street math

Neighborhood rabbits multiply our busy street divides unobservant drivers subtract it all adds up

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Worth pondering in any key

Life is an accordion the harder you squeeze, the more discordant the music

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Pro(lost and)found

Sitting on the beach in front of my rented cabana watching others relax sipping my daiquiri (banana) wondering how sincere a man can be, ad libbing his mantra

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I was once a New Year’s resolution a young woman I worked with at a large hotel greeted me passionately, spontaneously, in the grand lobby flinging her arms unannounced around my neck, first kiss of a new year January first. … Continue reading

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Not my tempo

I have never danced with the devil. We have, however, chatted amiably around the punchbowl a time or two

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drowning fish scream for help while blaming their instinctual inadequacies also never believing in fate.

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