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Poems my father left me

There is reason, even some rhyme in the stanza, the beat the reading in time of who, what, why he was what he did and why he didn’t why he maybe should’ve not stressing on could’ve Sometimes His groove was … Continue reading

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Afternoon at Lakewood

Whatever remains lie beneath six, eight, feet; compacted dirt atop concrete lid, polished walnut box thirty years I have come to this spot far longer to this place to the eye, comfortably little is changed thirty years say everything has … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guardians

Changing diapers we once foolishly hoped were a passing fad too soon wistfully outgrew all-star wrestling bouts on sopping pads consoled ourselves with years of wiping runny noses becoming laser-precise, discreetly or not plucking odd clumps from noses, Cheerios from … Continue reading

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At eight-years old machismo has a very different feel ‘Don’t cry like a baby,’ my son would admonish his second-grade peers ‘…cry like a man!’ As he is now sixteen I wonder…would he challenge them at all?

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Guardian pal

Like a shadow you know is there but disappears when you turn to confront it it’s there, but he’s not Following discreetly, benignly nourish part of the atmosphere minus the trench coat Sometimes light diffuses instead of illuminates My father’s … Continue reading

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He lived his life with infectious, mirth- skewed hubris, flavored with a certain spiritual panache that inspired envy far more than disdain, admiration over ridicule and he never took any of it for granted. Women and men found him equally … Continue reading

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