Certain memories are
a favorite pair of old slippers;
ragged, tattered, not much
to look at, but comfortable in
a way nothing new could be

once you plucked them from
the garbage; second thoughts?

hard to part, sometimes, with
a never-complaining old friend

then again, sometimes it’s best
to just let the dog chew ‘em up

Ball and dog

Playful rat terrier with ball
prancing triumphantly
invoking her regal dignity;

four-legged, conquering
Kahn entering the wooden
fenced city, blue ball clenched
in death grip by jagged teeth

‘All hail the hero dog!’

Slobber-coated, bell-encasing
rubber sphere lays in the grass
where pretending-truculence
dog has dropped it to subjugate
knotted rope segment instead;
fickle, dog-gone it.

Ball without dog.