I eschew sex.

Firmly entrenched
in middle age
I have found the act
wanting, boring

the physicality dull,
old hat

has lost its interest
in me

shunning sex,
I have discovered
making love

It is the side effect of
the residue of having
love, lost, found

I am the artist
who has traded Play Dough
for the potters wheel

Calling my wife at work

Can I take you to lunch?
Can I take you upstairs?

I have only an hour
to go where I desire
to be taken; taking time
for longings, for lunch
taking time is tempting
as you tempt me,
letting me be taken to
lunch or taken elsewhere
always hungry
because I am always taken
with you.

The rub here is that I need
to be back in an hour – can
we make this order to go?

Call me when you get this.