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Laughter, unfading

‘If by chance some day you’re not feeling well and you should remember some silly thing I’ve said or done and it brings back a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart, then my purpose as your … Continue reading

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Been here too long seen way too much my empathy has decayed piles of rubble-pity hope was a chrysalis birthed ugly butterflies that now flit from dead plant to dead plant Paradox eternal doing right things for eventual wrong reasons … Continue reading

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Not flippantly

Endings, beginnings reboots declining to resolve to do things better? more? less? just because. Finding myself in select company pragmatism not considered a virtue when calendars flip solemnity, tradition of fresh twelve invoked by most still, I demure idealism has … Continue reading

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walking old neighborhood streets first time in forty years strolling the paper route I once sped through on bike chucking news, sports, imaginary touchdown passes blithe in my accuracy – papers always landing where intended most of the time remembering … Continue reading

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Gnosis laid bare

The tone of your discourse public, private, anonymous shrill, accusatory non-sequiturs blending reality, perception, personality seamless, misguided pastiche grounded in your justified fear of being wrong fear of not being right fear of differences fear of those similar, but who … Continue reading

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Auld Lang sign here, please

Resolving, revolving promises made, kept, broken a yearly event spontaneously preordained commitments utterly devoid of promissory intent, overflowing self-mockery filling all potholes on the poorly paved road to hell Resolving, revolving nothing stays the same but the yearly promises to … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves… …winter follows spring back… to summer cyclically erratic… eternally truncated life is… …fatal

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Look alikes

My old family photos; little, black-and-white, white-bordered circus fun-house mirrors the reflection peering back at me is not a true replica; more a police artist’s puzzled rendering of what nine different witnesses describe as the same bank robber I look … Continue reading

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