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A toast

‘…A flute of champagne contains one million bubbles.’ Toasting a new year – fresh starts beginnings, endings, transitions – see each bubble as a moment each individually tantalizing, collectively rising rapidly, quickly dissipating Gone short-lived effervescence sweet anticipation swiftly departed … Continue reading

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walking old neighborhood streets first time in forty years strolling the paper route I once sped through on bike chucking news, sports, imaginary touchdown passes blithe in my accuracy – papers always landing where intended most of the time remembering … Continue reading

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“…and there’s nothin’ short of dyin’ that’s half as lonesome as the sound of a sleepin’ city sidewalk and Sunday mornin’, comin’ down…” – Kris Kristoffferson There is no respite from the escape the night before, sketchy adrenaline rush of … Continue reading

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Don Yoda

Quixotic exploits in multiple life-genres satisfied, I am lacking though, in satisfactory resolutions ambiguity suits me beguiling, am I, in my befuddlement of others confounding doubters mirror voyeurism minus Dorian Gray ego, Carly Simon panache sing anyway, I cannot dapper … Continue reading

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Life casts its shadows as the director a play each silhouette distinctive, unrecognizable, tragicomic profiles Actors are we all; no wordless Kabuki, tutiti-fruiti, aww Rudy! the action plays out scene-by-stolen-scene “all the world’s a stage” the stage a fantasy world that … Continue reading

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Waiting for an oil change customer area big-screen TV Rachael Ray cooks pasta something a grandfather across from me texts the coffee is respectable volume on the TV isn’t but Rachael is Rachael it doesn’t matter she cooks rhythmically zzt! … Continue reading

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Life is not karaoke performing words, ways of others interest me not at all imitation less sincere flattery more pandering laziness someone else’s persona under guise of your ‘interpretation’ nothing there is real. I sit on a rickety stool deliver … Continue reading

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remembering trumps planned forgetting spontaneity a full house, repression a lowly pair erasing the past is deleting old email, your in-box is empty, but… our eternally modern struggle remains reply or delete? reply or delete? reply or delete reply. delete. … Continue reading

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Regret and I have a tenuous relationship flirtations ebb, wane pop up again precariously at odd moments, clumsily the standoffish one in this tepid relationship is me running hot-and-cold I can be a frustrating companion lackluster lover there is no … Continue reading

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Run on sentence

Whatever it was I used to be running from sentenced to and for what… I forgot what I am now running to – at a slower, more mindful pace I may get to ‘to’ or I may not I don’t … Continue reading

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