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Been here too long seen way too much my empathy has decayed piles of rubble-pity hope was a chrysalis birthed ugly butterflies that now flit from dead plant to dead plant Paradox eternal doing right things for eventual wrong reasons … Continue reading

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Not flippantly

Endings, beginnings reboots declining to resolve to do things better? more? less? just because. Finding myself in select company pragmatism not considered a virtue when calendars flip solemnity, tradition of fresh twelve invoked by most still, I demure idealism has … Continue reading

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A toast

‘…A flute of champagne contains one million bubbles.’ Toasting a new year – fresh starts beginnings, endings, transitions – see each bubble as a moment each individually tantalizing, collectively rising rapidly, quickly dissipating Gone short-lived effervescence sweet anticipation swiftly departed … Continue reading

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Pseudo 23

Modern-day Psalmists plying their trade via pithy sayings basic fonts, splashy backdrops portmanteaus of varying interpretation revelations shifting dunes rounded by prevailing winds as arid, accepted gospel lacking lyricism posted for the world by self-anointed prophets claiming persecution, occasionally lapsing … Continue reading

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Not in the least

Claims made by fishermen politicians guys on a prom date can be taken at their word if the words are unspoken first-hand supported by three corroborating witnesses backed up by video duly notarized void where prohibited or English is spoken … Continue reading

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Call me, Ishmael. Leave a message.

We all have within us some Captain Ahab obsessively pursuing something, someone unattainable physically or mentally we quest something lost never obtained hadn’t the courage or stomach for a diem you could never carpe uselessly we quest a time we … Continue reading

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Eternal, spring

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” – Jim Bouton Life is a scorecard; an encrypted story in … Continue reading

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Gnosis laid bare

The tone of your discourse public, private, anonymous shrill, accusatory non-sequiturs blending reality, perception, personality seamless, misguided pastiche grounded in your justified fear of being wrong fear of not being right fear of differences fear of those similar, but who … Continue reading

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High church

Awed by the spectacle blissfully confused to meaning wide-eyed youth confirmed in mystical faith spiritual pageantry standing for opening homily, crowd vibrant, then bowed reverence, singing along opening hymn of allegiance some know the words Opening day, paradoxically given all the answers yet you need to discover … Continue reading

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Never having been as naive as I should have been exonerated for crimes against logic bus ticket, new suit outside-the-box thinking box house, never home recycled, repurposed repent sinners! repressed no longer naiveté begat experience I can elocute to it … Continue reading

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