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Midway? All the way. (Love is… #39)

Love is a day at the fair flashing neon, loud music, exotic sights, smells, sounds, enticements, leering inducements of all sorts adrenaline-pumping sensory overload You know you shouldn’t overindulge but you do and then you get sick but what a … Continue reading

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Morning coffee

Saturday Early, but not too I bring her a cup of coffee rich stuff, the good stuff our special Saturday blend She stirs gently, like the brew setting the mug on her nightstand pheromones blend with aromatic Arabica Saturday morning … Continue reading

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Love at the middle ages

Being your knight in shining armor often means more work for you pounding out dents knocking off rust slapping in Bondo minimizing creaks knowing just when, where to squirt WD40 There is nobility in your exasperation at my Quixotic nature … Continue reading

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Chalk it up to…

Late afternoon, dingy neighborhood dollar store picking up essentials: cleaning supplies, deodorant AA batteries Wile E. Coyote dynamite-sized sidewalk chalk in handy plastic bucket at checkout, mentally rough-drafting scratchy paeans to my wife colorful notes she will see as she … Continue reading

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No fish story (for Amy)

I am not carping here from poet’s perch; people often find my reel, romantic tale fishy Love is like shooting fish in a barrel – this I have known for long I have been one with the proverbial oaken-casked flounderer … Continue reading

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The Letter

Dear Grandchildren: There is irony in that the last thing you will ever forget will be one of your firsts crush love kiss sex broken heart first to never be forgotten first to stick with you first to make you … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, approacheth

Adrift Over a beer, I blithely told a friend bemoaning a lost love there were plenty of “other fish in the sea” unmoved, he was, as I noted “there are also tires, discarded refrigerators and sunken oil tankers” Thus inspired … Continue reading

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Newlyweds ago

Loft apartment, late Saturday afternoon spontaneity interrupted by shrill, continual oven timer buzz “Pizzas done” says she “But I’m not” replies he not-rhythmic, static range-buzzer drone not disrupting tempo of early life-together moral they learned how easily heat, afterglow can … Continue reading

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Pic-ah-nic bas-ket! (Love is… #161)

Love is fried chicken you’re never certain – follow the rules of etiquette… …or just dive in, use your fingers savory satisfying finger-lickin’ chew-on-bone yummy, messy heart-healthy artery clogging oh-so-tasty Love is fried chicken but when all is said and … Continue reading

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Regret and I have a tenuous relationship flirtations ebb, wane pop up again precariously at odd moments, clumsily the standoffish one in this tepid relationship is me running hot-and-cold I can be a frustrating companion lackluster lover there is no … Continue reading

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