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I am a poet, writer and teacher who moved from Minnesota to New Orleans in 2008 to help rebuild the worst public school system in America. It is a huge challenge to say the least. Now, after ten years, I have returned home to my native Midwest. Writing - in many different forms and ways - has saved me untold thousands in therapy bills throughout the years. Reading my writings may do either the same - or just the opposite - for you. Read at your own risk, as I do not offer writer malpractice insurance. ;-{) I hope you enjoy what you read here.

Elegy for Them All

Twenty-two. Thirty-four, twenty-seven thirty-nine Cancer, leukemia, suicide insidious bastards, each ‘gone too soon’ ‘in a better place’ sycophant salutations of condolence We hardly knew ye Sons, daughters of old friends. A cousin. Classmates of our children. All too vivid reminders … Continue reading

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Call me, Ishmael. Leave a message.

We all have within us some Captain Ahab obsessively pursuing something, someone unattainable physically or mentally we quest something lost never obtained hadn’t the courage or stomach for a diem you could never carpe uselessly we quest a time we … Continue reading

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Laying in the hospital ER bed vulnerability incognito machismo mano-a-mano upside-down thoughts what the hell is the co-pay on in-network mortality? Say a prayer, ask a nurse “If you keep me here do I get Jell-O tonight?” Task at hand … Continue reading

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Soul Luddites

Born in the gloamingfirst decade of the Cold War I puzzle over peerssame vintage as Ideclaring superiority for erawe know only from historyfamily, books, movies 1950’s forever! Disdaining new insightfor tried and…true? Truth? The manufactured idyllic spinpost-war, tenuous-peace The Bomb … Continue reading

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Watching the newsstory of great angst ofNorth American Olive Oil Association never I knew but shouldhave realized there is apowerful group of such oilers curious soul that I amthe urge to know led me toThe Vinegar Institute not content with … Continue reading

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Poems my father left me

There is reason, even some rhyme in the stanza, the beat the reading in time of who, what, why he was what he did and why he didn’t why he maybe should’ve not stressing on could’ve Sometimes His groove was … Continue reading

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No French cuffs

Plaid flannel shirtsof my Northwoods youthsmelled ofbeer and pine conesboat motor gasoline andfresh-caught sunfishwood smokeand filtered Winstons When I was a kid theintertwined, pungentaromas of cervelat salamiplumbers’ grease, house paintmingled freely, lockedin square-patterned fibersalways-rolled-up sleeves no amount ofFels Naptha-soapcould smother … Continue reading

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June 5, 2019

News item: On this day in 1977, the Apple II computer went on sale, and the era of personal computing began. Developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it was the first successful mass-produced microcomputer designed for home use. In 1977 on June … Continue reading

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I It was here that I found myself – as much as one teenager can It was here that I tallied a notable string of personal firsts, nails hammered logs split fish caught girl loved cars driven stick shift, mastered … Continue reading

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