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3:37 a.m.

There is no Hemingwayesque romanceĀ  to writing by the artificial glow of heart monitors nothing poetic in tapping out words on a phone while strapped to IVs typing encumbered by ET reminiscent clunky, red-tipped oxygen monitor But, as a poet … Continue reading

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Fading away

Small, sporadically mowed rural-church cemetery familial in feel generations grouped eternally spontaneous, asymmetrical layout seems unforced, movingly casual in its nostalgia a rainy, gray day along narrow township gravel road cars parked, haphazardly We buried an old soldier. local VFW … Continue reading

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Missing out

Living now in a place where, in autumn most leaves stay put clinging to their branches without pretense never having the decency to abandon their vibrant green for appropriate, earthy hues A few adhere to my more familiar, season-bound tradition, … Continue reading

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