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“…and there’s nothin’ short of dyin’ that’s half as lonesome as the sound of a sleepin’ city sidewalk and Sunday mornin’, comin’ down…” – Kris Kristoffferson There is no respite from the escape the night before, sketchy adrenaline rush of … Continue reading

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Love at the middle ages

Being your knight in shining armor often means more work for you pounding out dents knocking off rust slapping in Bondo minimizing creaks knowing just when, where to squirt WD40 There is nobility in your exasperation at my Quixotic nature … Continue reading

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Valentine poem #2

Poets often liken love to roses summer days oceans other sundry natural phenomenon I see love in more esoteric yet practical ways; love is tartar sauce. It looks like hell you have no idea what might be in it yet … Continue reading

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seeking forgiveness for actions not taken words not spoken regrets not unwarranted youthful ignorance gave way to stilted maturation not me not my responsibility not now maybe later later oftentimes a no-show later may have passed later never was acknowledged … Continue reading

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Act I

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