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High church

Awed by the spectacle blissfully confused to meaning wide-eyed youth confirmed in mystical faith spiritual pageantry standing for opening homily, crowd vibrant, then bowed reverence, singing along opening hymn of allegiance some know the words Opening day, paradoxically given all the answers yet you need to discover … Continue reading

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Self-ostracized scorned self-loathing as blood-sport worthy, not worthy; worthy, not worthy – worthy…not saying pseudo-suicide by self righteous indignation how dare you look at yourself in the mirror, mirror on the walls you build keep people in, out, at bay, … Continue reading

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Never having been as naive as I should have been exonerated for crimes against logic bus ticket, new suit outside-the-box thinking box house, never home recycled, repurposed repent sinners! repressed no longer naiveté begat experience I can elocute to it … Continue reading

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The maturation

Braggadocio prior physical prowess spendable currency boyish man posturing, preening standing up, stand out, back it up chest bumps fist pumps in-your-face yeah, baby! machismo odes to, by, about a self- almost-wannabe couldda, shouldda been a pretender, you; Brando’s Malloy … Continue reading

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