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One metmorphisize fits all

Happily-ever-after mythology prefaces every sequel continuing character-driven sagas story arc only tacking an index onto volume one, three, sixteen in a set having read this scene repeatedly life movies annotated script writing, rewriting books they were based on playing déjà … Continue reading

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Yes, you of posted pictorials dystopian bon mots your naiveté trumps your angst ironically you are playing solitaire – Mark L. Lucker © 2016

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Don Yoda

Quixotic exploits in multiple life-genres satisfied, I am lacking though, in satisfactory resolutions ambiguity suits me beguiling, am I, in my befuddlement of others confounding doubters mirror voyeurism minus Dorian Gray ego, Carly Simon panache sing anyway, I cannot dapper … Continue reading

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Pavement due

Rusted, mangled hubcaps clutter road shoulder, ditches stray, chrome castoffs wildflowers of reckless neglect breakneck speed cratered highways, pilots disdain for flashing, yellow signs by the spadeful, I scoop well-intentioned, tar-coated fill into random potholes indifferent, life is, to the … Continue reading

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