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As kids, we tied our fates to various inanimate yet participatory objects spun bottles Ouija boards dandelions professed proof of true loves brought cryptic messages all interpreted with certainty until the imagined magic wore off leaving us with our first … Continue reading

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Gathered Pinecones

From my book ‘Gathered Pinecones’ on sale now, in paperback or Kindle Moored Morning sun of summer wafting through open, lake-front window each day awakening with a squint, gasp soft-focus of seven-tree birch stand backlit by various shades of … Continue reading

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Lost, found, holding on

From my book ‘Lost, found, holding on’ Available in paperback or Kindle Salonica, goneica She loves me, she loves me not Played that game as a kid, for fun with and without the flower played it frequently later, for … Continue reading

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