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By the dashboard light

What was in our youth, mood lighting for teen romance – dim, yellowish-orange tinged spotlight on amateurishly fumbled front-seat lust has become, in our middle-aged driveway rendezvous, moment- before-we-go-in-from-a-night-out a weird glow of two blue-hued Smurfs who now bumble with … Continue reading

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Dinner with my Valentine; wine and Sinatra. Fine haiku-be-do-be-do – Mark L. Lucker © 2016

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I burn for you. Remembering school hallway posters advising when in flames, stop, drop, roll. Subconsciously heeding long suppressed laminated Pictograms I have resisted the urge to do the safe thing whenever you walk in as my resulting floor gyrations … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, approacheth

Adrift Over a beer, I blithely told a friend bemoaning a lost love there were plenty of “other fish in the sea” unmoved, he was, as I noted “there are also tires, discarded refrigerators and sunken oil tankers” Thus inspired … Continue reading

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Three for the 2nd

Cozy Den of Iniquity Wither thou goest oh, hibernating rodent! Preach thine prediction! Misdirected Celebratory nod today to the wiener; happy ground-hog day. Boondoggle Slovenly groundhogs stay in bed, Tweet conjecture; masses, pacified. – Mark Lucker

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