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I have grown accustomed to astonishment of others silently, smugly I take their surprise as less personal affront more opportunity to exploit their naiveté-tinged ignorance (when not feeling charitable) making any successes sweeter though I oftentimes regret my haughty self-restraint … Continue reading

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Flying east at dusk

The setting sun chases us eastward orange-scorched ripples of cumulus white race with us neck-and-neck ablaze, dying wisps of cotton embers envelop us while about to be snuffed out by rapidly encroaching nightfall fleeting light from behind speeds toward a … Continue reading

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Denver Airport Haikus

### flying through clouds a kaleidoscope of white I don’t have to squint ### thirty-thousand feet; Samsonite table Kansas sans the two-of-clubs ### creative crackling cloud neurons, plane synapses CAT scan of my brain – Mark Lucker

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