text wife: ‘Dory?’ It
cannot also be ‘hunky’
as I am elsewhere

A poet goes Plato

a bar napkin is a
sometimes soggy palate
Big Chief tablets are beloved
by 2nd graders and poets

used envelopes do the
trick, postage paid
matchbook cover epics
cause inspired squinting
haikus on store receipts
cannot be returned

hey, as long as the poem
makes the page

A philosophy. Of sorts.

I never do stand holding
umbrellas in lightning storms
or crowded elevators
though it may come as a shock

and I remain leery of men
who pair paisley neckties
with argyle socks

I never found it worth dating
a girl based on the reflection of
her patent leather shoes

and I am always wary of
gum-chewing Avon ladies sporting
fresh Harley Davidson tattoos.


this morning; turkey
sat stuffed, coveted. Tonight
you sit stuffed, turkey.

Thanksgiving, redux

drumstick, pumpkin pie;
gastronomic clichés of
the non-routine day


Thanksgiving eve; no
tree, lights. Gifts of thankfulness
will still be opened


new grandchild far away
our first meeting still to come;
bonded by knowing



new grandson has my
heart, focus, whatever else
he may desire ;-{)

November 12, 2011

watched pot not boiling
patience is not my virtue,
overdue grandson!

Street math

Neighborhood rabbits
our busy street
unobservant drivers

it all adds up