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Over a beer, I blithely told a friend bemoaning a lost love there were plenty of “other fish in the sea” unmoved, he was, as I noted “there are also tires, discarded refrigerators and sunken oil tankers” Thus inspired he … Continue reading

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“This is a God-forsaken place” she said ruefully, with a sigh “Not forsaken” I said, shaking my head in stubborn disagreement “more misplaced” patting all my pockets in mime,“like God when He can’t find his reading glasses”.

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Morning coffee

Saturday. Early, but not too. I bring her a cup of coffee the rich stuff, good stuff our special Saturday blend. She stirs gently, like the brew I set the mug on her nightstand Pheromones blend with aromatic Arabica Saturday … Continue reading

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Memories of you scamper through my psyche like ants over the sugar cubes in grandma’s summer sugar bowl

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Dawning for a poet

Scratchy, scraping, raw pencil on paper causes her to stir she turns sleepily my way half smiles, half sneers rolls back the other way she thinks I am writing a paean to some ancient love or other stray reminisce, hopes … Continue reading

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Not your typical first-car poem

It wasn’t a muscle car, never garnered a ‘cool’ never showed up in a Beach Boys song (though we sure got around) friends thought me an automotive fool At 19, I bought a ’69 Plymouth Fury    station wagon, brand new … Continue reading

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Campfire poem # 54

The embers of the campfire glow, fade with the vagaries of the waning lake breeze brilliant orange, gray, orange, silver, orange reminding me of 1969; flashing, broken neon small, single level roadside motels on old black-and-white signed U.S. highways frequented … Continue reading

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Gated communities

Never have I been further from my youth then when I returned to the scene of it places, people, things change time, people, lives elapse Going home is a metaphor smorgasbord; abandoned cabin overgrown with woods, withered by age dirt … Continue reading

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He lived his life with infectious, mirth- skewed hubris, flavored with a certain spiritual panache that inspired envy far more than disdain, admiration over ridicule and he never took any of it for granted. Women and men found him equally … Continue reading

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drowning fish scream for help while blaming their instinctual inadequacies also never believing in fate.

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