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Thanking God for prayers unanswered should be a regular pilgrimage daily thanks sent heavenward as well for pleadings ignored, deals never made, proposals not acknowledged, pleas not granted, abstract make-a-wishful thinking, and rejection from past potential dates second guessing goes … Continue reading

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Meditative bombast

What I have inflicted on life and its responsorials and reprisals on me have proven that regrets teach – if you do the homework things, events once inexplicable are simply lessons learned in an evolving matriculation; tuition deferred, knowledge incurred, … Continue reading

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I eschew sex. Firmly entrenched in middle age I have found the act wanting, boring the physicality dull, unimaginative old hat Sex has lost its interest in me shunning sex, I have discovered making love It is the side effect … Continue reading

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To the east

Fresh sun drips from above low-hanging fruit; a new day awaits harvest from the sagging branch of an ancient black walnut yawning, stretching its limbs crackling, groaning arthritic objection in the breeze sitting in the shelter of dawn, I mimic … Continue reading

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I was once a New Year’s resolution a young woman I worked with at a large hotel greeted me passionately, spontaneously, in the grand lobby flinging her arms unannounced around my neck, first kiss of a new year January first. … Continue reading

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You cannot pursue your epiphany Elmer Fudd-like True, wascally revelation is cunning, coy, indiscriminate – charmingly droll, visceral with twinkling eye To hunt your trophy epiphany, to blindly stalk personal truth is just taking a walk. Truth – truth be … Continue reading

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The package

My mom found the dead chipmunk I had brought home from the lake. It was the end of the summer I was ten; the stripe-tailed rodent had come home at peace in a blue and black JC Penney shoebox I … Continue reading

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This may make you sing laugh dance or cry but the reality is you will always be dead much longer than you’ll ever be alive.

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Looking in the mirror I see the faces of a lifetime in midstream sometimes it’s a group photo – staged formality that doesn’t fit there are candid shot mornings and wide-angle shots that distort while others crowd everyone together but … Continue reading

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My mistress is verisimilitude a pliant robust and imminently sensual lover. Her knowledge of love,extensive, welll used on the likes of me and I have no complaints of how she treats me nor she of I. We talk we love, … Continue reading

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